Welcome to the Glen Rock Bridge Club in Maywood, NJ

The only full-time bridge club in Northern New Jersey 

offering games 7 days a week


Glen Rock Bridge is Offering Daily Games on BBO

Host VACB192252 

The Glen Rock Bridge Center is excited to announce our partnering with the ACBL & Bridge Base Online (BBO) to offer ACBL sanctioned games online!   Registration will open 2 hours prior to the game starting.  We encourage players to register at least 1 hour prior to start of game.

May 25 to 31 is Silver Lining Week!




From Monday 5/25 to Sunday 5/31 players will be able to earn silver points

in all ACBL Virtual Club Games. 


All games will pay TRIPLE regular club masterpoints,

and the points awarded will be SILVER instead of black.


All games will be 21 Boards and last approximately 2 hours & 30 minutes.

The fee for all games during Silver Lining Week will be $8 with part of proceeds

going to support the ACBL.  

We are now using the Common Game Hands.  You can find a review of hands played with expert analysis around 5pm EST by going to our online results tab or by clicking link below.

CLICK HERE for Common Game Hands

If you are unfamiliar with BBO it's free to set-up an account and you can start

to familiarize yourself with their website.  Click below for a quick YouTube tutorial on how to use Bridge Base Online

CLICK HERE for a Bridge Base Online YouTube Tutorial

For GRBC sponsored games you'll need to create an account with Bridge Base Online. Setting up an account is pretty straightforward and can be done by clicking on the link below. 

CLICK HERE to Create Bridge Base Online Account

You will need an ACBL number to register for GRBC sponsored games which will award Black Master Points at 100% Club Ratings.  The ACBL offers a Temporary 1 Month Membership for $7.99 or an Annual Membership for $49. 


We are planning to offer daily games and depending on interest, we may offer evening games as well. We have developed a schedule of games for the week of April 13th. Based on level of interest and feedback from our players we anticipate modifying the schedule. If you are interested in playing in the evening or at a different time of day, please let us know by emailing us.  

Look for Host VACB192252 that is Glen Rock Bridge Center Host Code


If you encounter a problem joining a game or get a message saying you are blocked it could be that your ACBL # was not entered into your BBO profile.  

How do I enter or up-date my ACBL membership number? Log on to BBO then Click on the ACBL World button. Click on Update your ACBL number - the link is in the list of horizontal links immediately below the list of pending ACBL tournaments, on the left side of your screen. Enter your username and password, and click on Submit.

Also, try adding GRBC as a friend on BBO our User Name is VACB192252  




Once you have a BBO User Name please let us know and share it with us and other players.  This will make easier to find partner as well as making the games feel more personal. 


Please be patient as we all learn the process for playing online together.   


Also, any questions or suggestions on how to make this more enjoyable, please email us at  info@glenrockbridge.com or click this link https://www.glenrockbridge.com/contact

Wishing all of you and yours good health! 



COVID-19 UPDATED 4/28/20

In response to COVID-19, the Glen Rock Bridge Center will continue offering online play until it's determined by our local and state health officials that it is safe to reopen.

Regarding our reopening we will be sending email updates as well as posting here any new information. 

If you are not currently on our email list and would like to stay informed, please send an email with your name in the subject line to info@glenrockbridge.com or click this link https://www.glenrockbridge.com/contact

If you have any questions about COVID-19, the New Jersey Department of Health has established a 24-hour hotline at 1-800-222-1222, staffed by trained healthcare professionals. 


The links below also provide additional information:


New Jersey Department of Health 



Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 



Johns Hopkins Corona Virus Resource Center



If we experience hazardous conditions due to bad weather,

there will be two ways for you to know if games are taking place at GRBC: 

(1) check this web page for updates 

(2) call the club phone 201-368-8133 and listen to the message 


The webpage and phone message will

ONLY BE CHANGED if there is a cancellation.

If you check both those sources and there is no cancellation message,

you should assume the game in question WILL TAKE PLACE.


If you'd like to be added to our email distribution list for

weather closures and special events please send an email to;


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